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Visual Rapport’s intuitive desktop console provides a real time display of all colleague instant messaging and telephony statuses. Your staffs Visual Rapport operator can easily send text messages, instant messages, email, transfer files, or transfer a telephone call to another staff member, right on the desktop console. With Visual Rapport you can easily perform call handling using automated telephony functions such as answer, conference, hold, park and transfer. When an incoming call arrives, Visual Rapport can unobtrusively notify you with Caller ID information and enables you to decide what to do with the call.

With Visual Rapport you can easily make outgoing calls from any windows application using hot-keys. Additionally, keystroke macros, definable in VBScript, allow Visual Rapport to emulate the process of searching for a telephone number, copying the number and dialing the result. These keystrokes are easily defined by the user and can be configured to work with virtually any Windows application. To enable this function, Visual Rapport integrates with your contact management database applications.

Visual Rapport takes full advantage of the call information it monitors for inbound, outbound and internal calls. With this software each of your staff members will have a personal call log. Additionally, all calls throughout the system are collected for corporate call accounting. The call records are compiled and sent via IP to the host as they happen. Visual Rapport is fully compatible with our complete spectrum of call accounting offerings including: Revolution, SHADOW and TELECOST.

Visual Rapport is platform independent. It also allows access to any manufacturer’s standard telephone set features given their compliance with TAPI. These features vary depending on the capability of the manufacturer TAPI Service Provider (TSP). Consult your TSP and hardware documentation for available features. Some basic features include: Hold, Unhold, Answer, Transfer, Conference/Split & Hang Up. Other features may include: Do Not Disturb, Message Waiting Indication, Transfer Callback notification, Target Line Identification and Screen Pops.

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