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ResellerAdvantage has gone to great lengths to understand the challenges faced by service organizations, whether their clients are outside or within the organization. The ResellerAdvantage solution provides instant access to the information you need to better manage all the key aspects of your job.

Resource Management

Optimally leverage employee capabilities. By providing up-to-date, easily searchable profiles of employees’ skills, experiences, work preferences, and availability, Resources enables the best possible staffing to deliver high-quality, high-margin projects.

  • Optimize resource utilization: Managers can instantly view utilization by company, project, and resource to identify and address issues quickly and exploit opportunities. This helps contain costs and boost profits.
  • Enhance client satisfaction: Project managers can assemble more qualified project teams by searching the skills and experience database for desired qualifications. By integrating with the sales pipeline in Opportunities, this process can begin before a deal is even closed.

Work Order & Project Management

Collaborate on projects for on-time, on-budget delivery. Real-time collaboration in Projects lets teams maintain current and accurate project status, so managers can proactively identify and resolve issues that threaten the success of an engagement.

  • Deliver projects & services on time and within budget: Team members can update project status from any computer with a browser and Web connection, so the project plan provides an accurate snapshot at any given moment. Managers can view project status through task completion reports to identify and drill down to tasks that might be at risk. The result is an improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and reduced non-billable work.
  • Increase client involvement: Deepen your relationship with clients by giving them access to project status reports. Exceptions reports, and project status summaries give clients information they need to remain involved and comfortable with project progress.

Knowledge Management

Leverage your organization’s knowledge base and best practices by sharing information and by collaborating across dispersed teams of employees, clients, and partners using Workspaces.

  • Collaborate on documents: Automatically track and control document revisions and versions, so teams can collaborate on all written work products.
  • Reuse company knowledge: ResellerAdvantage’s comprehensive document management system enables employees to find and reuse corporate knowledge, preserving high margins.

Service Contract Management: Manage contracts that involve complex subscription or transaction billing. Easy implementation of new contract-based business models, automated billing and revenue recognition, simplification of contract administration, and critical financial and services information management are the key benefits. Completely integrated with ResellerAdvantage Plus ensures efficient end-to-end management of contract information.

  • Flexible pricing options: Provide your customers with flexible support options from simple time and materials billing to fixed fee contracts, with or without preset response times. Set per unit or hour pricing and block amounts.
  • Select equipment coverage: Easily select the customer equipment to cover either from pre-sold list or enter new existing equipment and serial numbers.
  • Contract Renewal Reminders: Managers, contract administrators and sales reps are all alerted when a sales contract is up for renewal or on block contracts if the contract has hit the threshold amount.
  • RMA Processing: Quickly determine if customer purchased equipment from you and if it is available for RMA processing.
  • Multiple RMA Options: Based on customer and equipment provide them with cross ship RMA’s, returns or ship and re-order.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Professional Service Automation (PSA):

"Professional Service Automation (PSA)" is part of the ResellerAdvantage Plus line of products, developed by Reseller Advantage.