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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, ReportsPro focuses on solving the problems companies face when attempting to get financial reports, budgets, and forecasts out of their accounting and ERP software systems. Generally speaking, software systems have evolved in their sophistication, but the ability to create meaningful reports using the massive amount of data has not kept pace.

Because of the importance of daily access to financial data in order to make critical business decisions, various reporting products have emerged that give companies views into their processes. Those products ship with a wide variety of capabilities, but in the end, most end up being too expensive to purchase and maintain, as well as too complex for the average non-IT person to create their own reports. To add to these problems, most report writers on the market must be implemented to specific software systems, and thus can’t offer universal portability. With this set of difficulties in mind, ReportsPro delivers not only a cost effective and easy to use reporting tool, but also one with universal portability. ReportsPro can literally pull in financial data from any software system on the market.

While priding ourselves on universal portability, ease of use is the most important benefit of ReportsPro. ReportsPro offers a solution that is as easy to use as a standard spreadsheet, but one, importantly, that does not contain the inherent limitations of spreadsheets.

ReportsPro is a branded version of an industry leading reporting solution by CompuSoft Development, called Synoptix. Delivering the same technologically advanced capabilities that CompuSoft has provided its customers for years, ReportsPro has taken CompuSoft’s enterprise reporting software solution and made its powerful capabilities available for virtually any accounting system on the market.

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