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RenTec Direct

A developer of business management software.

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Rentec is based in Grants Pass, OR, USA. We are a group of property owners, investors, and managers ourselves and we became tired of the paper shuffle and lack of suitable software required to manage properties. After a lot of searching, we found a clear void in the property software department. When we began this project, there was literally no reliable online property management software application which we could trust to manage our properties and tenants. We decided to do something about that by creating Rentec Direct.

There are various applications you can buy outright which assist in property management, but they have their downsides and are not available globally. We want to login and check our property accounts from home, work, or while on vacation if necessary. Because no product existed that met our needs we hired the best programmers to develop a taylor fit application which met exactly the needs of property owners.

That’s where the idea and product of RenTec came from. One of our core philosophies is to keep it simple. There are some tasks that property managers and owners do which are unique, and they are unlike what a big corporation or other type of small business might do. Therefore, the software for property managers does not need to have the heavy complexity of most software packages. Having to have an accounting degree or at least years of bookkeeping experience is not a pre-requisite for using Rentec. You’ll find using our software is easy for anyone. The wizards which guide you through adding a new tenant, to the simplicity of managing the property and tenant finances. It’s all designed to not take up your time, and can be learned in minutes rather than weeks.

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  • RenTec PM

    A web-based professional property management solution designed by RenTec Direct.

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