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Customer Master Entry lets you add, change or view information on a customer.

  • Customer Master Lists / Labels give you the ability to print Master Lists, Customer Addresses, Customer Contacts and Mailing Labels by name, reference, phone number, primary salesperson, secondary salesperson and customer code.
  • Customer Code Change / Delete gives you the ability to change or delete a customer code without open or historical information being lost.
  • Customer Classes lets you add, change, delete, view and print customer groups or customer classes.
  • Payment Terms lets you add, change, delete, view and print payment terms.
  • Customer Contacts lets you add, change, delete, view or print Collection, Sales, Reference or Miscellaneous remarks for a customer.
  • Customer Research displays the customer master information with options to view Credit Information, Sales History, Payment History, Open Receivables, Open Sales Orders and Shipped Order History.
  • Customer Credit displays credit information for the selected customer, giving the collection department all the necessary information for collection calls. You can enter collection messages directly into the system, doing away with written notes on agings or index cards.
  • Customer Receivables displays all open invoices for the selected customer with the option to view Sales Journal Detail or Shipped Item History on those open invoices.
  • Paid Invoices displays paid invoices for a selected customer.
  • Cash Receipts History displays summary check information for a selected customer with the ability to view detail of the invoices that the check was applied to.
  • Cust Service Spread Inquiry lets you see your level of service to your customers.
  • Cash Receipts History (Transactions) allows you to enter, print and update cash received to any open posting period. Partial payments and any number of allowances are permitted. Service Charges (Future addition) allows the application of service charges to selected customers.
  • Service Charges provide a way to calculate and update service charges to customers based on their over-due invoices.
  • Agings allow you to print Detailed or Summary Agings. The reports can be printed by salesperson, customer name, zip code, class, group, region and territory, and customer code. You can also define your own aging columns.
  • Cash Receipts History gives you the ability to print Cash Receipts History Reports by posting period and customer, by posting period and journal, and by customer and date. You can also print a Paid Invoice History report.
  • Inactive Customer Register lets you print and purge inactive customers based on a cut-off period selected by you.
  • Customer History Purges gives you the ability to purge history based on a given cut-off period.
  • Customer Statements lets you print open invoice customer statements, with an optional cover (dunning) letter.
  • Credit gives the credit department the ability to monitor customer credit using a variety of displays and reports. You can approve an order for a specified amount for customers with credit problems
  • Customer Regulator allows you to verify and update customer balances in the event of a system interruption.
  • Customer Aging Hist Generator captures the historical month-end aging balances for customers, which can then be viewed as part of the customer’s credit history.

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