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Assist offers a B2B (business to business) Web Order Entry. This allows your clients to enter their orders, with your special pricing, anytime they want. Now you can have a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week order taker. Orders are received, reviewed and then shipped.

Assist B2B Web applications allow you to quickly convert any of the hundreds of existing reports into a web page. You no longer have to pay twice for the same information. Our cost savings approach allows you to take any of our existing reports and convert them into a web page generating tool. This allows the web to work as a secure second access to your accounting software data base, without paying for another expensive data base or programming company.

You can allow your salespeople to track their open and closed sale orders. While tracking their month to date sales quota via the web.

You can allow your clients to track their order progress, item availability or credit line.

Virtually anything you can report on, can be converted into a web page. There is no need to support two different data bases. The Assist web interface simply pulls your custom designed infAssist offers a range of web application interfaces to its distribution / manufacturing accounting software. Our design allows us to easily transform an Assist report into an Assist web interface. ormation to their web browser from your Assist accounting files.

You can see an interactive demo by going to our web site. Click on Assist 2K Software and then click on B2B Web applications. This is a real time demo pulling the data from a live data base. Please note the speed of the Linux server and ease of use.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Web E-commerce:

"Web E-commerce" is part of the Assist 2K line of products, developed by Rennie, Lindsey and Associates.

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