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  • Document Exchange provides faxing capabilities using third-party faxing software.
  • Freight System Data Exchange provides third-party shipping manifest system interfaces.
  • EDI Data Exchange provides third-party EDI document exchanges.
  • Remote Terminal Data Exchange provides hand-held remote terminal upload and download capabilities.
  • Electronic Mail Systems provides intra-office mail utilities and an interface to the UNIX e-mail utilities.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory provides interfaces for downloading stocking information gathered from customer sites.
  • Document / Image Archiving provides the ability to link jpg, tif, gif, doc, xcl and any other file that can be displayed in a browser, to a record within the ASSIST data base. Link a certificate of conformance to your item lot line & purchase / sales history files. Link a signed delivery document to an invoice file. Any file / http link can be linked to any record within our data base. The applications are endless.
  • System Alerts provides the ability to have the software alert you, your customer, vendor or salesperson when something unusual has happened. Example would be to alert the salesperson when their sales order did not ship or if their purchase order did not get received. Another would be to alert the credit manager when certain fields are changed on the customer master file. These business alerts allow the software to keep you informed about things that do not happen frequently. The alerts are delivered via Assist private e-mail, network e-mail or via fax.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with System Exchanges:

"System Exchanges" is part of the Assist 2K line of products, developed by Rennie, Lindsey and Associates.

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