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  • Chart of Accounts Entry allows you to add, change and view information on a general ledger account.
  • Chart of Accounts List gives you the ability to print a list of general ledger accounts by account, description, class or reference.
  • Account Code Change / Delete lets you change or delete a general ledger account code without open or historical information being lost (future enhancement).
  • Account Classes lets you add, change, delete, view or print information on account classes.
  • Bank Accounts lets you add, change, delete, view or print information on bank accounts.
  • Posting Types lets you add, change, delete, view or print posting types. Posting types control sub-system interfaces to the General Ledger.
  • Currency allows you to add, change, delete, view or print information on currency types and exchange rates.
  • Sales Tax allows you to add, change, delete, view or print information on sales tax codes. You control the tax percent and general ledger account that the tax is accumulated to.
  • Budgeting allows you to enter budget figures for comparison of actual to budgeted amounts.
  • Account Research allows you to view summary activity by month, or detailed activity for selected posting periods. The activity can be displayed graphically.
  • Posting Detail allows you to view detailed activity on a general ledger account for selected posting periods.
  • General Journal allows you to enter, print and update general journal entries to any open posting period.
  • Bank Account Balancing allows you to enter in checks that have cleared the bank, run a bank reconciliation report and clear cashed checks from the system.
  • Trial Balance gives you a summarized trial balance for selected posting periods, with optional comparisons to other time periods.
  • Posting Detail gives you posting detail for a selected posting period. The posting detail report can be run for a single journal, such as Cash Receipts or for all journals together.
  • General Ledger gives you posting detail and summary activity by month for a selected posting period and general ledger account range.
  • Financial Statements gives management the ability to print summary or detailed financial statements based on user defined and maintained statement formats.
  • General Ledger Purges give you the ability to purge history based on a user entered cut-off period.
  • Posting Period Control is the key to month-end processing. In just minutes you can open posting periods for the next month and month-end is done. You have the ability to open posting periods and to designate the current posting period for each journal. Each journal can have its own open posting periods and default current period.

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"General Ledger" is part of the Assist 2K line of products, developed by Rennie, Lindsey and Associates.

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