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Reflex Enterprise Solutions Group

A developer of business management software.

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Reflex Enterprise Solutions Group Inc. (RESG) is a software development company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. For more than 30 years, they have provided modern business and technology solutions to a wide variety of clients, on a national and international level.

RESG’s client experience includes working with organizations in industries such as construction, distribution, manufacturing, property management, and land development, as well as a number of public sector and government clients. Not only do they deliver a modern software solution to help clients address the challenges of today, they also build lasting business partnerships with their clients.

The RESG business model is simple: combine a skilled professional team and a modern business solution with tried-and-tested process methodologies and executive oversight. The result? Happy clients with a newly-streamlined business.

RESG’s primary product line is the next generation Reflex ERP system, which is setting a new standard in the enterprise software marketplace. Their ERP packages are state-of-the-art solutions that offer the flexibility of modular architecture plus the power of fully-integrated end-to-end product suites. The software incorporates comprehensive functionality, embedded reporting and analytics, document management, workflow, and intelligent audit capabilities – all in a single software solution. RESG’s products are designed for today’s business environment with next generation features like built-in business intelligence, mobile access from any device type, web portals for client and stakeholder collaboration, and connectivity to third-party applications regardless of platform or technology.

Product Lines

  • Reflex ERP

    A full ERP solution developed by Reflex Enterprise Solutions Group.

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