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RedHorse Systems

A developer of business management software.

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RedHorse Systems is a developer of CRM software. RedHorse Systems is lead by Connie Koch and David Schomaker.

Connie Koch - Founder and Lead Developer: Connie has provided development and consulting services in the CRM marketplace for over 15 years. During her years as a consultant she has worked with hundreds of large and small corporate users of CRM software, creating custom tools and modifications to CRM software to solve operational issues for her clients. In 2003 she began to use her development skills to develop and market add-ons for CRM software. She then formed a network of the resellers and dealers around the world to sell and support her products. Connie worked closely with the dealer network and in response to the needs voiced by the dealers, and nearly 2 years developing a stand-alone application to compete with the some of the largest CRM products on the market. Her mission is fueled by the desire to answer the needs of the clients and dealers she knows so well.

Unlike many developers of software, Connie distinguishes herself from other developers by investing heavily in user testing and feedback to produce the most user friendly solutions possible, a critical aspect of any successful software.

David Schomaker - Founder and Customer Support Manager: David is an IT and CRM specialist. His company, Schomaker Consulting, has been working with customers since 1995 supporting CRM software. Prior to that, he worked for many years doing small business IT and accounting.

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  • RedHorse CRM

    A customer relationship management system designed by RedHorse Systems.

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