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Clients wishing to host their fixed asset software on a single desktop computer in a single location can choose one of our three stand-alone desktop versions of Fixed Assets Manager:

Basic - tracks up to 1,500 assets

Basic Plus - tracks up to 15,000 assets

Deluxe - tracks up to 30,000 assets

All stand-alone versions provide the tools necessary to accurately calculate depreciation calculations and meet your reporting needs. The Deluxe version of Fixed Assets Manager encompasses the standard features of FAM, as well as many advanced features, such as custom reporting.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of entities, books and user defined fields
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual or daily depreciation periods for depreciation expense for book purposes
  • Depreciation rules related to class lives and recovery periods defined by Rev. proc 87-56 come pre-defined
  • 150% and 200%, ACRS, Straight Line, Declining Balance and Sum-of-the-Years Digits
  • Mid Quarter, Full Month, Actual Month, Half Year Conventions
  • Create Custom Asset Classes & Custom Methods
  • Section 280-F Auto Limitations
  • Bonus Depreciation
  • Short Years & 52/53-Week Year
  • Section 179 Expense & Recapture
  • Investment Tax Credit
  • Amortization
  • Units of Production
  • Single and Mass Asset Retirements
  • Full and partial disposal of assets
  • Asset Splits
  • Inter and Intra Entity Asset Transfers
  • Asset Reclassification
  • Customized navigation
  • G/L system integration
  • Current or historical data reporting
  • 40+ standard exportable reports
  • Unlimited custom reports
  • Reusable reports sets
  • Fileable forms 4562, 4797, 4684 and 6252
  • Depreciation Projections
  • Life-to-Date Depreciation calculations
  • Role-based Security
  • Extensive import/export options
  • Document storage
  • Audit trail capability
  • Context-sensitive Help
  • Tax law changes to MACRS class lives maintained by Red Moon Solutions

Network and online-hosted versions of the software are also available.

Are you ready to manage your fixed assets with the most comprehensive, yet simple to use fixed asset management system available? Reveal the power of Red Moon Solutions Fixed Assets Manager today!

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