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Rebus Software

A developer of business management software.

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Headquartered in New York, Rebus Software Inc. is establishing itself as a business that offers a fresh, new managerial approach to creative practices across the country. The company owns and dedicates all its energy and resources to the regular development and marketing of Rebus, a wholly integrated project management and accounting software designed by creative people for the creative industry.

Every day in USA - and indeed around the world - thousands of people are using Rebus in design houses and PR companies, as well as in marketing and advertising service agencies.

With a personalized and yet professional approach to business, Rebus Software Inc. provides a complete consultancy, installation, training and support service to all its users around the country. Associated offices in United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany, and software versions in their relevant languages, contribute to make the success of Rebus wider reaching.

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  • Rebus Software

    A software system designed by Rebus Software for marketing and consulting (business, management) companies.

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