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Realty Information Systems

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the real estate industry.

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In 1978, software programs were beginning to appear at industry trade shows, capturing the attention of landlords. Landlords began attending seminars that showcased this new crop of software programs that would spring their operations into automation.

Andrew Levine, an owner manager of apartment buildings, also investigated these new property management solutions, but did not see how they would help him manage his properties. Even though Andrew had a degree from NYU in mathematics, it was well before computers were available (1972), he thought he could do a better job developing a solution to meet his needs. Six years later, after a few attempts at developing a property management solution, Andrew was now able to run his business in a “smarter, faster and easier” way on his own software.

Andrew balked at the suggestion from a friend to market his solution to other landlords. This, of course, required more work to make the solution more user friendly and marketable. Finally by 1985, Andrew sold his first solution. Everyone loved the product and Andrew was on his way to helping other property owners and managers automate their businesses.

Andrew Levine, now also software developer as well as property owner/manager, must keep up with ever changing technology. We all know that technology does not stand still. Andrew is considered “The Chief Architect” and has a team of programmers that help him maintain a level of standards in the property management solution business.

Andrew also gave his property management solution a name…Realty Information Systems or RIS for short. RIS is feature rich with such Important functionality as:

  • Lock box interface for deposits
  • Payroll company interfaces
  • Interface for web based tenant payments by check and credit card
  • RIS can email and text directly from within
  • Ability to convert its expansive list of reports to many convenient file formats
  • Check 21 which enables the scanning of tenant checks that automatically produces a deposit directly to the bank as well as applying the check to the correct tenant in accounts receivable. There is no other property management solution on the market today that has this check 21 feature.

Everything is fully tested with real data in Andrew’s own property management office. This is truly what makes RIS unique. There is no other property management solution that has been developed by an owner/manager of property and has the hands on experience with practical property management.

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  • RIS

    An accounting software system designed by Realty Information Systems for real estate & property management companies.

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