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A graphical display of the shop load is arranged from the most heavily loaded work center to the least loaded.

From this screen, you can access the detail Load / Schedule for a Work Center, with jobs grouped by Active (running or available to run), Pending (one operation away) and Distant (more than one operation away).

Load by Days

The Load By Days screen for a Work Center identifies potential bottlenecks over the next several weeks because of overloading.

You can view the detail for any specific day to see what jobs will be scheduled at the Work Center.

Perform modeling and “What if?” analysis to see the probable effect of increasing Work Center capacity and/or modifying job schedules.

How it works

The Loading module organizes all open operations for active jobs by Work Centers. The module automatically maintains real-time information that allows you to determine potential shop bottlenecks, prioritize operations at Work Centers, expedite jobs and allocate resources to optimize shop throughput. A Dispatch List Report can be viewed, printed and sent to the shop floor for shop personnel to determine the most efficient sequencing of jobs while meeting customer delivery requirements.

After a job is entered and has been automatically scheduled, the Loading module presents shop floor activity in real-time as it occurs on several screens:

Load by Days- The Work Center Load by Days graph provides a snapshot of a particular work center’s scheduled load on a day-to-day basis and identifies overloaded Work Centers and potential bottlenecks.

Contributing Jobs- The Work Center Contributing Jobs screen provides a list of all jobs scheduled at a particular Work Center for a selected day. You can drill down to the details of each scheduled operation to help determine how the Work Center load can be adjusted to meet your shop demands.

Load / Schedule- The Work Center Load / Schedule screen provides a tool for analyzing the load at a specific Work Center and suggesting the order in which work should be performed prior to printing or viewing a Dispatch List Report.

The screen displays a list of all jobs and their operations scheduled for the selected Work Center with appropriate scheduling information. You are able to view the total current and planned work for the Work Center, as well as display separate lists for active / queued, pending and distant operations.

Job Queue Status- The Job Queue Status screen provides a real-time status of a job’s operations. You can monitor the job’s progress on the shop floor and compare estimated versus actual hours for each operation. Also, real-time loading information is displayed for each Work Center on which the job is scheduled.

Finite Modeling- The Work Center Finite Modeling screen graphically displays the daily scheduled load for a Work Center and provides “What if?” analysis capability to see the effect on the daily load of moving a job’s operations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Shop Loading:

"Shop Loading" is part of the REALTRAC Performance ERP line of products, developed by REALTRAC.