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Shop Floor Status

You have a real time window to the shop floor to see at any moment which employees are utilizing what machines for what jobs.

You can quickly drill down to display detailed information about Jobs, Work Center Loads and previous Work Sessions.

Actual times are displayed in red the moment they exceed estimated time.

Active Job Status

With this spreadsheet-like display of all active jobs, you can view up-to-date information concerning where every job is and what jobs are behind schedule.

Data can be sorted and filtered to display only jobs of interest in the order desired.

A Priority No. indicates how much a job is ahead of or behind schedule.

Detail for any job can be displayed within seconds, including order information, operation and shop status and the schedule for remaining operations

Work Session Review Screen

The equivalent of a time card record of all job work sessions is displayed in chronological order.

Incorrect information is easily edited on this screen.

The data can be filtered by machine, job, operation or employee in order to quickly locate specific sessions and analyze problem areas.

How it works

Shop Floor Status Screen The display shows you which jobs are running on which machines. For each job, you can see the drawing no., operation no., estimated and actual hours, run status, the employee and their Log on time.

You may edit the work sessions on the Shop Floor Status screen. The screen is updated (refreshed) every 14 seconds. To edit a work session, you should first freeze the display by selecting the Freeze button. You may then edit any of the user-changeable fields (Job, Operation, Status, Employee No. and Logon time). After the editing is completed, click on the AutoRefresh button. You can find an employee by entering their number in the field above the employee no. column and pressing Enter. Active Job Status Screen The Active Jobs Status screen displays the current status of each active job in Realtrac. You can quickly determine a job’s current location; whether it is ahead or behind schedule; and the estimated, actual and remaining hours. You can retrieve only those jobs of specific interest and create customized Work in Process reports.

Work Session Review Screen

The Work Session Review screen allows you to view, change or add work sessions in the system. These work sessions determine job costing, employee efficiency, load hours, scrap counts and piece counts.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Shop Floor Control:

"Shop Floor Control" is part of the REALTRAC Performance ERP line of products, developed by REALTRAC.