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Job Schedule Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart for a job schedule shows all unfinished operations and where the job is in the manufacturing calendar.

You can automatically schedule jobs backward from the due date, forward from the start date or manually.

Finite modeling lets you see the effect on the shop of moving operations to different date periods.

Active Job Status

With this spreadsheet display of all active jobs, you can view up-to-date information concerning where every job is and what jobs are behind schedule.

Data can be sorted and filtered to display only jobs of interest at the moment in the order desired.

The Priority No. indicates if a job is ahead of or behind schedule calculated in tenths of a day.

Detail for any job can be displayed within seconds, including order information, operation and shop status and the schedule for remaining operations

Dispatch List

Print Dispatch Lists for overloaded Work Centers so that shop personnel know the order in which jobs should be handled.

You can first sort queued jobs by Priority No. so that the jobs furthest behind schedule are processed first.

Before printing, you can modify the sequence to account for any special circumstances.

How it works

Job Schedule Gantt Chart The Job Schedule Gantt Chart provides a graphical display of the daily schedule by Work Center for a specific job. The current status of the job, delivery status and the schedule for remaining operations are clearly visible. Operations may be re-scheduled using forward, backward or manual scheduling techniques. You can use “What if?” analysis to view the effects of proposed schedule changes and then revert back to the original schedule if desired. The Finite Modeling graph can be accessed, which provides the ability to view the effect of drag and drop moving of work center loads.

Active Job Status The Active Jobs Status screen displays the current status of each active job in Realtrac. You can quickly determine a job’s current location; whether it is ahead or behind schedule; and the estimated, actual and remaining hours. You can retrieve only those jobs of specific interest and generate a customized Open Order Status report.

Job Priority The Job Priority No. is determined automatically after entering a job into the system and is updated in real time to reflect the job’s current status against its schedule. The Priority No. reflects the number of days a job is scheduled to be finished ahead of or behind the due date.

Dispatch List Report The Dispatch List Report can be a powerful tool to help shop employees determine the order in which jobs should be run to maximize throughput at a work center. Separate reports can be prepared for Active / Queued, Pending and Distant jobs. The default Report Type is for Queued jobs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Scheduling:

"Scheduling" is part of the REALTRAC Performance ERP line of products, developed by REALTRAC.