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The Job Router allows you to define each operation you want to track, select Work Centers and insert estimated time in hours or minutes each.

The actual time and status for each operation are continuously updated through Realtrac’s real-time data collection system.

Shop Floor Router (Traveler) The printed shop floor router travels with the job and includes all pertinent job and operation information.

Bar codes are included for accurate and easy real-time data collection.

Several versions of the Router are available for customizing, depending on the desired layout and how much detail you want to show.

How it works

The Router is where you enter the process plan for a job or estimate and where you obtain real-time status on the progress of the job. The printed version of the Router is sometimes referred to as the ‘Traveler’.

The electronic Router contains four screens, each screen having 20 lines. Each line can have 100 lines of additional descriptive information called Specs. You have the option of a printed Router which embodies all of the additional descriptive information (Specs) in one continuous document, or appending the additional descriptive information (Specs) as separate pages. The Spec pages can be used to link multimedia pictures and documents such as CAD files and word processing documents to specific Router operations and to apply certain scheduling options to Router operations. Quality non-conformance reporting can be generated in real-time from the shop floor via comments entered on Router Specs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Routing:

"Routing" is part of the REALTRAC Performance ERP line of products, developed by REALTRAC.