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Real-time Bar Code Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop employees, with PC’s or Realtrac Micro Terminals, report time as activities occur on the shop floor using bar code scanning or touch pad data entry. A two-way communication process guides the worker at each step, checking and confirming input. Realtrac’s unique system design maintains work center loads, schedules, job status and costs in real-time.

Micro Terminal Emulation

For operations such as purchasing, shipping and receiving, an employee can quickly log on and log off directly from the Realtrac Router Screen using the Micro Terminal Emulation feature.

How it works

Realtrac allows you to choose among several methods to report data regarding shop activities, including full real-time bar code data collection using shop floor PC’s or micro terminals, PC data entry by administrative personnel and computer assisted entry from employee time tickets. This versatility allows you to balance your company’s needs for up-to-date job and scheduling information, flexibility for allocating costs for special types of operations and minimizing initial investment and employee training.

Realtrac Shop Floor Client Using PC’s with a standard CRT monitor, the Realtrac Shop Floor Client software provides an easy and paperless way for shop personnel to report their activity in real-time, as well as view job and work center scheduling information.

Advantages are

  1. Shop personnel have real-time visibility of important job information.
  2. Real-time screen displays supplement or replace paper documents normally needed for processing jobs:

Work Center Dispatch Lists for scheduling job operations and machines. Job Routers describing the process plan for a job. Full multi-media shop floor documentation, including still pictures, video, drawings and sound tracks to supplement router specs and job information. 3. Logging on and off is fast. Most required data can automatically be entered using a mouse, bar code scanner or touch screen monitor

  1. An existing PC LAN (Local Area Network) can be used. No special network for shop terminals is required.

Data Reporting Using Administrative PC’s. Administrative personnel who normally works at a PC., e.g. Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving can enter job activity at a PC with a mouse or a touch screen monitor using Realtrac’s Micro Terminal Emulation feature.

Bar Code Shop Floor Micro Terminals Employee time is reported as activities occur on the shop floor using Micro Terminals with either bar code scanning or touch pad data entry.

Job schedules, machine loads and job costs are continuously updated in real-time. You have up to the minute information concerning the status of jobs, machines and employees, as well as labor and overhead costs.

An interactive dialog at the Micro Terminal guides the worker, checking and confirming accuracy of input.

Computer Assisted Data Entry From Employee Time Tickets If employees complete daily time tickets or time sheets, operation time and piece counts can easily be entered at a PC by clerical personnel. Much of the information to be entered is duplicated from the last entry. The elapsed time for a session can be automatically calculated if the start time and end time are entered.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bar Code Tracking / Data Collection:

"Bar Code Tracking / Data Collection" is part of the REALTRAC Performance ERP line of products, developed by REALTRAC.