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RealTime Manufacturing

A multi‑module management system designed by RealTime Technology Group for manufacturing companies.
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RealTime Manufacturing is a powerful tool for repetitive manufacturers who are looking to increase throughput, decrease costs, reduce inventory, control information and do it all in a “real-time“ environment.

RealTime Manufacturing is built from the shop floor up using simple and clear Windows-based graphical interfaces that make it simple to learn and use. RealTime Manufacturing uses object-oriented technology, uniquely identifying all raw, WIP and finished objects as they move about the facility. The system is consistently updated by production and scheduling giving users the ability to view and harness the power of 100% real-time, accurate information. RealTime Manufacturing also maintains a comprehensive audit trail of vital information such as date, time, operator and cost of material and labor for each object. This information is essential for ISO/QS/MS 900X compliance as well as for defect and recall tracing.

RealTime Manufacturing also empowers the user with the latest technological tools, EDI/ANX connectivity, Radio Frequency and PDA capabilities, on-demand barcode printers and scanners, touch screen monitors, and preformatted user-defined labels and documents.

RealTime Manufacturing’s suite of modules allow for the control of information from the sales order right through invoicing, and control of objects from the receiving dock through production on the shop floor and right out the shipping dock, all 100% accurate, and all done in ”real-time“.

The following is an overview of RealTime Manufacturing’s main modules:

  • Administration
  • Order Entry
  • EDI Control Center
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Bill of Materials/Flow Router
  • Inventory
  • Production Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Shipping

Functionality Modules

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