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RealTime Technology Group

A developer of business management software.

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RealTime Manufacturing: RealTime Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a state of the art, event driven, real time/on-line factory management system that provides you complete supervisory and financial control of factory floor operations. RealTime Manufacturing provides complete control of your factory in real time – operations are monitored in real time so that real time decisions can be made in the office and on the floor.

RealTime Manufacturing-Lite: RealTime Technology Group has leveraged all of our manufacturing experience and created a simplified version of RealTime to allow smaller business to take advantage of the underlying ‘reality based’ philosophy of the our full manufacturing package.

RealTime Distribution: From lessons learned through our various manufacturing partnerships, RealTime Technology Group has developed a Radio Frequency distribution system that will help distributors shrink the supply chain and manage inventory on a real time basis.

RT Asset Manager: Now keeping track of all your assets has never been easier! Utilizing the power of barcode scanning, RealTime Technology Group has created an Asset Manager that allows you to keep a database of items, locations, departments, employees and their associated assets. RT Asset Manager gives you the ability to quickly and easily perform inventory counts, allowing you to discover just where your assets should be…and where they are.

RT Inventory Manager: Welcome to the RT Inventory Manager by RealTime Technology Group. RT Inventory Manager is a powerful tool in the quest to accurately track and maintain you valuable items. RT Inventory Manager uses both a PC based database and a Handheld data collection unit to give you an easy to use, yet very efficient inventory tracking and managing system.

Custom Applications

RealTime Technology Group has signed multiple agreements with small, medium and large businesses to develop and deploy customized software (and hardware) application to perform a variety of different functions. RealTime Technology Group can provide your company with a custom solution to address your specific business needs.

RealTime Technology Group and Barcode Solutions were born out of a need to supply our customers with total solutions encompassing software, networks, hardware expertise and integration of the widest choice and selection from amongst the world’s best equipment manufacturers with our leading-edge software platforms.

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  • RealTime Manufacturing

    A multi-module management system designed by RealTime Technology Group for manufacturing companies.

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