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OneSite® Document Management with Mobile Electronic Signature

A lot of time and money is spent printing, filing, and scanning documents – time and money that would be better spent building your business.

With OneSite Document Management—integrated with DocuSign®—you’ll have high-end electronic signature functionality built right into our online storage platform. You can eliminate time and money spent printing, scanning and filing documents, and provide the convenient, secure electronic signature that’s easy for residents and your staff.

Mobile Electronic Signature from DocuSign

Not only are you gaining the security and superior performance of DocuSign, you’ll be able to email residents electronic lease packets directly from OneSite Document Management. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of transactions, which means you won’t have to pay per document. You get an unlimited number of signatures as part of Document Management functionality!

  • Residents sign anywhere, anytime, on any smart device; they can even sign using their finger for the ultimate in convenience
  • Place signature, initial, and checkbox locations onto custom forms where you want
  • View the workflow and create an audit of each document that is signed, knowing by whom, and from where

Increased Productivity & ROI

In addition to allowing your staff to manage and access property management documents in ‘digital filing cabinets’, you can reduce the inefficiencies and expenses associated with manual document handling—like printing, filing, storing—and improve workflows and onsite organization for a savings of up to $5,500 per site annually.*

  • Store generated reports and report groups into a single PDF
  • Scan and index documents in bulk
  • Upload images to general ledgers and final account statements

Keep Critical Documents Secure

All documents are retained in a secure, tamper-free location to protect your data. We undergo regular testing to ensure our platform exceeds the most stringent U.S. and global security standards and we back up your data. When it comes to electronic signature, DocuSign provides the highest level of security assurance—they are IS0 27001 certified and SSAE 16 examined and tested.

Corporate Compliance

Letters, notices, and forms can be standardized across your portfolio and stored within the Document Management Forms Library, helping to ensure consistent workflows and that your sites are using only approved forms. You’ll even have visibility as to which forms are being used by the property, so you can confirm properties are adhering to corporate guidelines. We’ll provide you with 50GBs of storage space to ensure all your documents are in one place, easily accessible for auditing purposes.

A One-Stop Shop with Complete Integration

RealPage Document Management is integrated with a variety of other RealPage products, reducing duplicate data entry, facilitating consistent workflows, and standardizing documents across solutions. Seamless integration with OneSite Facilities enables you to attach photos and invoices related to damage repairs to service requests and final account statements. While integration with OneSite Purchasing allows you to manage vendor documents, such as invoices, credit memos, payments, and certificates of insurance.

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"Document Management" is part of the OneSite line of products, developed by RealPage, Inc.

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