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Reporting That Provides the Information You Need, When You Need It

Integrated with every component of the OneSite system, Central Reporting allows for a more robust and complete data pull giving you the ability to produce a variety of standard and custom reports to satisfy all your owners and investors reporting needs–from the portfolio level to individual units.

Central Reporting mines your data for you, showing you information instantly and making it easy for you to slice and dice information the way you want. Its extraordinary reporting capabilities will enable you to uncover inconsistencies in performance, making it the cornerstone of your asset and portfolio analysis and reporting systems.

Integrate Data into One Automated Report

Central Reporting offers a powerful data platform that consolidates data from your property management operations with your marketing, accounting, and financial systems, allowing for more agile and informed decisions.

Instant access to information from a variety of RealPage solutions, including data from screening, revenue management, leasing and rents, marketing, purchasing, facilities, and utility management, allows you to create summary and operational reports. You can generate a single report to examine rents, make-readies and financial information without having to manually compile multiple reports into one.

Custom Data Analysis

Once you’ve gathered all your necessary data and complied in into a report you have to be able to perform an accurate business analysis. Our easy-to-use Reporting Wizard and Query Wizard will help you slice up data to make sure you create the analysis that will benefit you most.

  • Create custom groups to sort properties by region, manager, or other
  • Title columns in the way that makes the most sense to you
  • Total by region, district, or manager – or use a combination of groups to break down information to study individually
  • Zoom in on tasks that can generate extra revenue immediately
  • Look into your delinquency numbers every day
  • Re-focus marketing to keep pace with the fastest changing market in your portfolio

Report Distribution Made Easy

With Central Reporting and a built-in report scheduler and distributor, creating month-end reports is a scheduled process that can be run automatically. Scheduled reports are generated, saved in PDF format and sent to your distribution list automatically.

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"Central Reporting" is part of the OneSite line of products, developed by RealPage, Inc.

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