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RealPage, Inc

A developer of business management software.

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RealPage, Inc. is a provider of on demand (also referred to as “Software-as-a-Service” or “SaaS”) products and services for the rental housing industry. Their broad range of property management solutions enable property owners and managers to increase revenues and reduce operating costs through higher occupancy, improved pricing methodologies, new sources of revenue from ancillary services, improved collections and more integrated and centralized processes.

RealPage was formed in 1998 to acquire Rent Roll, Inc., which marketed and sold industry-leading on premise property management systems for the conventional and affordable multifamily rental housing markets. In June 2001, they released OneSite, their first on demand property management system. Since 2002, they have expanded their on demand software solutions to include a number of software-enabled value-added services that provide complementary sales and marketing, asset optimization, risk mitigation, billing and utility management and spend management capabilities. In addition, their growth has been supported by the acquisition of complementary technologies to supplement their internal product development and sales and marketing efforts; expand the scope of their solutions; and the types of rental housing properties served by their solutions and their customer base.

RealPage provides our SaaS products and services to more than 8,700 customers to help manage the operations of approximately 8.6 million rental housing units.

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