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Real Data

A developer of business management software.

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Since 1981, RealData has offered affordable, professional software tools for real estate investors, developers brokers and lenders.

Our products are designed by people who understand the real estate industry. They create real solutions for real-life business situations. Key among our products is our Real Estate Investment Analysis, now in its tenth generation. With REIA you can perform a detailed lease analysis, income-and-expense pro forma and before- and after-tax cash flow and resale analysis. In addition, you can instantly produce a professional presentation suitable for client, partner or lender.

Support is critically important with specialized software. We monitor the quality of our products and service and keep in touch with what our customers need. We believe specialized software can be of top quality and still be affordable. You’ll find that our software offers you the very definition of value: depth, outstanding professional performance and reasonable price.

In the Internet age, RealData now offers even more services to our customers. You may now purchase many of our products online and download them immediately.

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