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Choose to print in either HP-PCL or API (PostScript) mode, or allow the system to automatically choose the method. Complete control is given to establish how forms will print. Set margins, pixel height and width, point size, form size, and other features for form printing. In API (PostScript) printing, control the weight of letters, point size, pixel size, margins, scale, and number of lines per page. Choose portrait and landscape printing. Choose Avery forms – print multiple copies of reports. In HP-PCL printing, each printer and each form can be customized for the number of characters per line, lines per page, and the point size of text for different numbers of characters per inch from 80 to 217. Choose portrait or landscape printing. Reports are printed in preview mode, prior to printing to paper. Preview of reports provides up and down and side to side scrolling, page forward and backward, and end of report and beginning of report. API previewed reports may be set to scale (zoom) larger or smaller. After previewing, choose to print or exit without printing. Report selections may be given a report name and saved, so that the report selections need not be made again in future printing. There can be an unlimited number of data selections for each report.During report preview, you can search for any text in a report.