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Shortcuts and unique features are designed into the system to provide fast data entry and editing. Wherever possible the system makes entries for you. Press the TAB or ENTER key to make default field entries. Telephone numbers, dates and zip codes are automatically formatted. The entry of a zip code enters the related city and state. The mouse can be used throughout the system, and icons can be accessed by either mouse or function key. Function keys are displayed on each icon so that during data entry the hand does not have to be moved to the mouse. Use “Go-To” to move directly from any application to any other application. Each application remains open so you can move back to each preceding application without losing entries. There are no delays for systems to load when moving to different applications. Use “lookup” data entry fields to display all the records for that field. When a lookup window is open, you can search for any text or partial text displayed. Data entry ‘modes’ provide two benefits. Security access can be assigned on the basis of mode (add, change, inquire, delete, print, etc.). The use of modes reduces data entry error since the user must determine which mode is in use. Mode of access can be changed instantly without leaving an application. Scanned entry can reduce data entry time by two-thirds or more and is used wherever possible.