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The Sales & Inventory Module gives you many abilities in controlling your inventory and sales processes. Some of the features you will receive with this module include:

  • Order Entry & Inventory
    • Automatically links orders to customer, warehouse, shipping, terms, salesperson, location, etc.
    • Multi-order’s are supported and have several different status levels: Regular, Book now - ship later, Quote, Standing order, Progress Billing, etc.
    • Handles Order options such as Release, Post-Date. Hold Order and Hold Order If
    • The hold order if order option, allows you to hold orders if: a customer or related customer is over credit limit; customer’s credit set to “hold“; customer’s account or any customer in a selected group is past due, etc.
    • Allows you to attach memos, notes, notifications and special instructions for order
    • Allows for special discount codes on an order
    • Link Credit Notes/RMA’s
    • Supports multi-ship to addresses
    • Lets you replicate information from other orders to new sales orders
    • Tracks progress of sales order
    • Keep track of Sales person/Broker performance (plus budget comparison)
    • Handles ”special“ discounts
    • Permits automatic assignment of inventory items to backorders/orders
    • Will automatically convert a quote to a sales order
    • Permits standing orders and allows for service and freight charges to be added
    • Will reserve inventory and recommend purchase orders for inventory, non-inventory, freight, service charges and various memo lines when processing order
  • Detail Line Types
    • Inventory items, Non-inventory items, Service charges and multi-memo
    • View a constantly updated inventory item detail, location, stock levels, selling prices, backorders and vendors
    • Choose from various pricing records for each selling unit
    • Items may be linked to Tax Id’s and discount amounts
  • Picking Lists & Packing Slips
    • Create a picking list for a sales order or range of sales orders.
    • You are able to link picking lists to multi-sales orders
    • Create and print separate picking lists and packing slips for multiple warehouses within the same sales order
    • Print Bill of Lading (BOL)
    • Create truck loads and link packing slips to truck loads
    • Option of allow/disallow stock levels to become negative
  • Invoicing
    • Create and print invoices) for range of packing slips
    • Lets you add print ”check payable to“ instructions on invoice
    • Allow/disallow post dating of invoices
    • The system will automatically create transaction records for Accounts Receivable (A/R) and journal entries
    • Create invoices in many different ways, e.g. direct invoicing (picking/packing slips created automatically) - order ready to ship immediately, picking/packing/invoice screens, combined picking/packing/invoice

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales & Inventory:

"Sales & Inventory" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.