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The Purchase Orders functions of PRO$IT Business Suite are actually found in the Sales & Inventory module. These functions will give you the following features:

  • Purchase Orders
    • Purchase orders can be generated using quoted or estimated pricing
    • PO’s can be classified as Proposed, Released, Closed etc.
    • Indicators notify you if: a PO has notes or a memo attached to it, and if items have been received although they haven’t been posted
    • Create regular or blanket type PO’s
    • PO detail lines may be replicated from approved requisitions, greatly reducing the amount of data re-entry your staff engages in.
    • Multi-language support allows you to print PO’s in whatever language you desire
    • Receive or reject PO items individually, or in batches.
    • Generate accounts payable vouchers for received orders from estimate costs
    • Accounts payable vouchers are automatically generated for orders generated from quotes with the “posting“ of PO’s upon receipt
    • Generates order numbers by location to ensure uniqueness
    • Substitute vendors for inventory items can be stored and retrieved at any time, so if one supplier is out of a particular item, you always have a backup
  • Purchase Requisitions
    • Register requisitions and assign status proposed (P); to be approved (T); or approved (A). If a requisition is set as ”To-be-approved“ the system will automatically send an e-mail message to the user who has to approve the requisition
    • Attach notes to a requisition
    • Requisitions and PO’s can be deleted, edited, viewed, or canceled, depending on the status of the requisition/PO
  • Requisition Approval
    • Requisition approval is linked to an authority level (based on dollar amount). The authorized approver will then be prompted to approve the requisition. The system will automatically prompt for a different person if the selected person’s authority level is too low.
  • Purchase Reports & Listings
    • View tax amounts for individual PO lines or total PO
    • View item stock levels, stock values, vendor profiles, inventory profiles and cost factor tables
    • View receipts, rejects, or vendors for a PO
    • View ”due“ PO’s
    • Print a PO listing for a selected range of PO numbers, vendor code, order status and combinations (wild cards allowed)
    • Print listing of all PO’s on order and/or on order but not received/partially received, for a specific/all of vendor codes for a specific/all of inventory categories
    • Print an inventory re-order report for a selected criteria including warehouse, item classification and stock levels within a specified percentage from the re-order point. The report provides information including: ROQ - Re-order quantity, ROP- Re-order point, Quantity available, Quantity on back order, and Quantity on order
    • Print a report on non-inventory items on order
    • Print a purchasing analysis report - detail or summarized information on PO status, quantities, prices and dates
    • Print a report on purchases received
    • User defined reporting is supported
  • Flexible User-definition
    • Allows you to change calculated amounts manually, where permitted
    • Different costing can be entered for an item in each different zone
    • Bill Back option
  • Key Data & System Control
    • Complete audit trail maintained within the system, for information purposes
    • Suppress printing of selected data
    • You are give the option to apply discounts to an entire order total or individual line items
    • Send system e-mail to credit manager if sales order is placed on hold
    • Display/hide customer aging on sales order
    • Update warehouse stock totals with order entry process
  • History: View & Reports
    • View history customer history by period including: Sales, Returns, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margins, and Manual invoices, debit notes and credit notes
    • The system will maintain a complete transaction history for customer with aging, reference numbers and amounts
    • View order history
    • View items ordered per customer
    • View journal entries for order
    • Extensive range of standard reports and you can mine your data with the Report Writer. Mine your data with the “Report Writer”

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Orders:

"Purchase Orders" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.