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The Point of Sales functions of PRO$IT Business Suite are actually found in the Sales & Inventory module. These functions will give you the following features:

  • Point of Sales
    • Supports an unlimited number of Store Locations, Departments, Subsidiary Ledgers, Customers, Kits, Deals, Salespersons linked to every transaction, Commission Rates, Discount rates, POS stations, Cash Drawers, Lay Always, SKU’s, and Banks; making this one of the most flexible Point of Sale systems available
    • Provides up and down loading of customer, inventory or other data to and from remote POS stations
    • Interfaces to your already installed smart cash registers or PC components
    • Supports your company’s unique requirements by allowing you to setup user-definable Menus, Territories, Groups, Classes, Warranty Classes, Account types, Statement Cycles, Terms, Tender Types, Commissions, Default values, etc.
    • The system will automatically convert foreign currency and units of measure to your native settings
    • Allows you to discriminate prices by supporting custom pricing by item and customer with multiple price breaks
    • Supports price discounts for promotions during specified time periods
    • All cash registers can be closed out to a vault, which in turn can be cashed out to the bank
    • Allows you to use magnetic strip readers for electronic charge authorization and auto deposits
    • Supports: Cash, Multi-Currency, Accounts receivable, Credit cards, Deposits, Additional payments, Layaways, Gift certificates (issue and cancel), Coupons, Credit vouchers, Travelers checks, Split payments, Third party checks and Discounts
    • Prints credit card slips automatically for credit card sales
    • Records staff timing: date and time in/out
    • Machines can be moved to new stations for maximum flexibility
    • Links to the inventory module
  • Views, Reports & Listings
    • Multi-store lookup is fully supported
    • View substitute items with SKU or inventory items
    • View customer profile, transaction and credit history
    • View current monthly and cumulative sales, returns, gross/margin and other “key performance data”
    • Report on layaways for a specified date range - show customers, date of last deposit, balance, layaway listing for a specific customer
    • Report on gift certificates not yet used, active credit notes
    • Create a count summary for a selected station and store: amounts and number of transactions per tender mode, calculate net sales
    • Report on sales for a specific station, range of items and date range
    • Report on sales for a specific store , date range and list of stations
    • Report on sales for a sales person for a date and time range

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sales:

"Point of Sales" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.