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The Human Resources module of PRO$IT gives you the following features:

  • Payroll
    • Since this module is designed for fully integrated real-time processing with all other PRO$IT modules, all information within the system is instantly updated
    • Allows you to setup multiple types of pay periods (e.g. weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly or any other user-specified periods)
    • Pay Periods do not have to be closed, adjustments can be posted at any time
    • Gross-to-Net calculations are maintained at all times
    • You are able to define your company’s business rules on three levels: Enterprise wide: apply to all employees; Group wide: apply only to certain user-defined groups of employees; Individual: apply only to certain individuals
    • Business rules may be made time driven
    • No month-end procedures need to be run. Totals are always up to date and monthly, pay period and year to date totals are calculated in real time
    • Allows for background processing of reports and batch tasks in order to provide maximum availability and accessibility of the system to the user
    • Prints all the necessary government forms e.g. ROE, T4, T4a etc.
  • Employee Data
    • Search for your employees in the system by name or internal system number.
    • The plant/center code, area code, function code and product/sub-function code can be combined into a labor code. This enables a very flexible direct labour cost allocation mechanism. All payroll overhead such as employee benefits and employers portion of taxes can be charged to the specific workstation (e.g. job, process, work order, department etc.) of every employee for every time period by one composite burden factor by employee
    • An employee is assigned a default labor code.
    • An employee is dynamically assigned a status.
    • Multiple addresses can be linked to an employee.
    • Direct deposit account detail is maintained along with a complete employee audit trail
    • Data values for one person can be replicated to another person and then edited.
    • All parameters for an employee are retained indicating which person changed/added data, on which date and at what time
    • Personal messages can be printed on cheque stubs
    • Keeps track of human resource planning and development, including: Personnel attributes (initiative, problem solving, team work, etc.), special skills and education/training
    • Complete HR Package, incl. job performance, attendance, vacation, reviews, resume, applications safety, etc.
  • Payment Methods
    • Payments can be disbursed by: Immediate hand written checks, Continuous form checks, Electronic funds transfer, and Direct deposit
    • Laser MICR encoded checks can be generated
    • Payments are assigned a system generated source code to identify the source of the transaction
    • Payments can be made to multiple direct deposit accounts
    • Payments can be made in foreign currencies
    • Payments can be in the form of blended direct deposits/checks etc.
    • Direct deposit proof report is created and printed for authorization
    • Multiple advance payments can be made for any pay period
    • Checks can be reversed without losing the audit trail
    • Re-calculate year-to-date totals if opening balances are changed without affecting data integrity
    • An Annual Savings Plan pay-out procedure can be run for an employee or all employees
    • An Add-on Pay (bonus scheme) pay-out procedure can be run for an employee or all employees
    • Define sort order for cheque print run (by plant/area/employee code or employee number) for ease of cheque distribution

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Human Resources:

"Human Resources" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.