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The General Ledger features of PRO$IT, are actually embedded in the Accounting & Banking module. The general ledger gives you the following features

  • Journal Entries
    • You are given extensive journal entry (J/E) options which allow you to setup standard journals, and permits the editing/reversing of entries
    • Journal entries accommodate: Actual Cost, Budget Cost, Committed Cost etc.
    • Details provide information on account code, account extension, division, branch and center
    • The General Ledger is fully Multi-currency enabled.
    • Complete control of Inter-division, Inter-subsidiary and Intra-subsidiary transaction details
    • Allows you to further breakdown your accounts into divisions such as unit of measure and description
    • Allows you to view, cancel, post or store (for re-use) any journal entry.
    • Permits multi-budgets for reporting of variances for either a single or range of periods in current or prior periods
    • Supports daily accounting periods
    • All balanced transactions are posted instantly
    • Adjustments to prior periods automatically recompute the next fiscal year opening balances as well as all forward balances from the adjustment date to actual and budgeted ledgers
  • General Ledger Reports & Queries
    • General Ledger Report detail by date, net change, account detail information across different entities
    • Trial Balance/Worksheet
    • Display historic values (actual/budget etc.) for specific or various fiscal years
    • Use Report Writer to generate custom reports
    • Any number of reports can be ‘stacked’ for printing in batch
    • Can analyze to the day for charting or comparative statistical trend analysis
    • Prepare consolidated statements with correct elimination of inter company accounts

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.