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The Fixed Assets features of PRO$IT, are actually embedded in the Accounting & Banking module. The general ledger gives you the following features:

  • Property & Equipment Profiles
    • Complete Audit Trail
    • Track non-depreciating, depreciating, and intangible assets
    • Multiple statuses allow you to classify your assets appropriately. Statuses include: Active - not fully depreciated, Active - fully depreciated, Active - not depreciated (land), Disposed, Inactive, not fully depreciated, Inactive, fully depreciated, Retired, and Senior active - fully depreciated
    • The system will link costs, accumulative depreciation and depreciation expenses to account codes
    • You are able to link assets to higher order asset (part of another asset)
    • You can link assets to an alias asset number
    • Asset attributes include: Class, Group, Type, Set, Custodian Name, Location, Utility Code, Date in Service, and Warranty Expiry Date
    • Disposal gains/losses and proceeds amounts are linked to a disposal code and account
    • Determine asset replacement cost (may use replacement cost index %), insured value, and estimated lie
  • Depreciation
    • Depreciation for an asset can be any present of next period
    • Each asset can have its own depreciation method defined for it (diminishing balance/no depreciation/straight line/double declining balance/sum-of-the-years digits/etc.) based on cost or net of salvage value.
    • Depreciation for any asset is designed to perfectly fit any of your required specifications
    • Post journal entries for depreciation for a selected group of assets (or all assets) with fiscal year and period range
    • Depreciation journal entries may be reversed
    • Create the annual depreciation schedule for a selected range of assets or all assets
  • Retirement, Disposal & Transfers
    • Retire assets when fully depreciated
    • Capital asset disposal takes the value of the asset and moves it to the disposal account
    • Transfer assets from one department to another. The remaining balance of the asset is switched
    • Adjustments can be made without losing the audit trail or history

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets:

"Fixed Assets" is part of the PRO$IT Business Suite line of products, developed by RCI.