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Gain Access to a Single Version of Truth.

Master data, also called the reference data, represents an organization’s business vocabulary—the business entities, terminology, definitions and classifications—used to describe business information. Ramco Master Data Management (MDM) offers the following key functionalities (refer to the figure below):

  • Master Data Governance: Involves the governance procedures for setting up the master data governance. Governance services facilitate collaborative working between business and IT Users. Data stewards and master data owners can be defined and assigned the responsibilities for creating and maintaining the master data. It allows the creation of master data model and structured definition through canned work flows.
  • Continuous Data Quality: Ensures that quality of the data is right through the entire life cycle of data. It comes with a built-in profiling rules and cleansing rules. Quality matrix can be configured and monitored using user defined Scorecards and Dashboards. Timely alerts can be configured and exceptions can be managed through workflow.
  • Master Data Harmonization: Ensures that data from multiple systems are analyzed and integrated using Data Harmonization techniques. Data Harmonization typically follows a process of Profile, Parse, Correct, Standardize, Enhance and Match. MDM also supports multiple transformation rules, which enables users to prepare the data in a requisite structure, which enables easier application of other rules.
  • Master Data Publication: Post the master data creation, the Master Data structure, Data and Business rules are published through Web services for other applications’ consumption.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Master Data Management (MDM):

"Master Data Management (MDM)" is part of the Ramco DecisionWorks line of products, developed by Ramco Systems.

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