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Ramco DecisionWorks

A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by Ramco Systems.
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Leverage Profound Insights to Build an Intelligent Enterprise.

In this era of information influx, managers are inundated with volumes of data, and find it difficult to get the relevant information for decision-making. More time is spent in collating, validating data and computing metrics than on analyzing the information for actual decision making. This makes the whole process of decision making extremely difficult as managers often do not have access to the “single version of truth”.

Ramco DecisionWorks™ is a comprehensive, smart, and easy-to use Business Intelligence solution, which provides the much needed support to top and middle-level managers to aid predictive analysis and strategic decision making. The product is designed to deliver business intelligence solutions that effectively transforms your data—first into information, and then into the most needed ‘actionable knowledge’. You gain real time profound insights into your business operations and can make smarter, faster decisions, and drive better business results.

With Ramco DecisionWorks™, you can continuously track organizational performance through functions such as Enterprise Performance/Conformance Management, Enterprise Information Management and Enterprise Data Management. To support these functions, Ramco DecisionWorks™ offers five distinct product lines viz., Ramco Business Analytics (Basic & Advanced), Ramco Master Data Management, Ramco Governance Risk and Compliance, Ramco Planning & Budgeting and Ramco Business Intelligence & Reporting. Ramco DecisionWorks™ continuously enhances the capabilities of the organization to collect, validate and , analyze data to generate advanced Intelligence, enabling senior managers to analyze, infer and predict, and based on this analysis, take far-sighted business decisions and build winning enterprises.

  • Have access to the “single version of truth” across the organization.
  • Visualize strategic business information in the most comprehensible way through a single dashboard view format, and make well-informed decisions.
  • Foresee potential opportunities and risks related to corporate governance and compliance, and formulate strategies to deal with them, proactively.

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