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RAK Computer

A developer of business management software.

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RAK Associates has been delivering superior software and IT solutions for our region’s businesses since 1982. We have helped our customers gain competitive advantages through our unique design, development and support for each solution that we provide.

We are guaranteeing our continuity of excellent IT services and products. We have an exceptionally low turnover rate. Most of our employees have been with RAK at least 17 years. We are combining the experience of our core personnel together with younger new hires.

This ensures that RAK is here to design, develop and support all of your IT needs, both today and tomorrow. Combining experience and youth also ensures our deep knowledge and understanding of business practices are incorporated into the latest technologies. This provides you with an easy to use, fundamentally sound, reliable and innovative product delivered responsively and conveniently from our location in Pennsylvania.

Product Lines

  • eP/M Software

    A software system designed by RAK Computer for manufacturing companies.

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