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A developer of business management software.

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Quorum has distinguished itself by providing software solutions that sustain a long lifespan. Key attributes that contribute to long product life include incorporation of configurability throughout the products, an effective software support process, as well as a proactive software upgrade release program. Quorum’s ongoing software upgrade release program, guided by an active client user group community, ensures that products evolve with industry best practices, market developments, client preferences, and latest technology. Quorum clients, representing a good cross section of the industry ranging from super-majors to smaller independents, meet annually at Quorum’s User Group Conference to provide input on product direction.

Founded in 1998, Quorum employs over 400 staff operating out of Houston, Dallas, and Calgary. Quorum has ongoing relationships with over 185 clients, comprised of super-majors, independents, operators, and non-operating owners, including 25 Fortune 500 Companies. Throughout its 16 year history, Quorum has successfully completed over 975 successful software solution deployments.

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  • Quorum

    An ERP solution designed for the oil and gas industry.

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