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QuikStor Security and Software was founded by Dennis Levitt in 1987 to provide management software to the self storage industry. Combining his programming background with years of experience as a builder, owner and manager in the self storage industry, he quickly grew QuikStor to one of the industry’s leading suppliers of software products. Soon QuikStor began supplying gate access controls, and a few years later the company patented wireless door alarms.

New engineering projects

Realizing that staying cutting-edge required larger facilities, in 2004 QuikStor moved their corporate headquarters to a 20,000 sq. ft. building in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys. This provided the necessary space to house new engineering and programming projects, including Guardian series, SmartClient and the next generation of their popular wireless door alarms (US Patent #6,400,267). Now with over 250,000 alarms installed throughout the self storage industry, they are far and away the most widely used wireless door alarm in the industry.

Following the success of the wireless door alarms was the new Guardian Series Access Control system. This innovative new system carries the industry’s only seven year warranty, including lightning damage! The Guardian series provides sites with the most modern access system available, along with a full suite of modular options such as affordable wireless communication, proximity and card readers, pay-at-the-gate, pinhole cameras and more.

Smart Client

In 2009, QuikStor is once again on the cutting edge with SmartClient, a revolutionary new enterprise software. SmartClient provides the best hybrid solution between traditional Windows-based management software and web-based solutions. Unlike other enterprise software, SmartClient enables users and managers to work from the site, a call center or home office with local data, which is kept in constant synchronization when online. When no internet connection is available, you can continue working, and data will be synchronized when the connection is restored. Add in the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive eCommerce solution enabling online payments and rentals, and you’ll see why QuikStor continues to be an industry leader.

Through innovation and a rich history in the self storage industry, QuikStor has certainly earned its reputation as the “One Stop Shop” for high end software and security that will help facilities generate revenue and protect their tenants.

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    A software system designed by QuikStor for commercial & service companies.

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