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Quest IV

A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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Quest IV has been strengthened by our relationships with several ERP vendors, including more recently, Exact Software. We provide services for a complete suite of ERP software including modules like EDI, Shop Floor Control, Production Order Processing and many more…

We are a partner with Leahy Consulting of Cincinnati, Yeo & Yeo Computers Consulting of Saginaw, Software Solutions of Des Moines and Summit Computers of Akron forming The ESTA Group. Currently, The ESTA Group ranks as the top business partner for Exact Software coming in 1st place for 1st 3 quarters of 2006.

Today, Quest IV continues to pioneer the way to e-business among it’s customers by offering and implementing Exact Software’s e-Synergy product. Using it’s innovated web-based approach, Quest IV has proven it can transform traditional business processes into e-business opportunities.

In addition, Quest IV provides software in the areas of Payroll Administration, Benefit Administration, Personnel Administration, Position Management for the AS/400. We continue to enhance the list of features and functionality of Human Resources/IV and strive to make it a premiere offering in the market. Today, our PR/HR software is marketed across the country to a variety of vertical industries paving the way for a strong future.

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