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Qube Software

A developer of business management software.

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Qube was founded in 1985. The company started by providing custom software solutions, but soon focused on the creation of an integrated inventory control and accounting application for smaller manufacturing companies who used Macintosh computers. In 1991 the system migrated to the Windows operating system, thus pioneering manufacturing software with a true Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Also in 1991, Qube broadened its scope by linking to Great Plains Software’s Accounting and Dynamics packages. The combination of The Qube Controller with the market leader in PC-based accounting packages has created a world-class manufacturing solution for small to medium sized manufacturers which is robust, easy to use, affordable and complete.

Over the last five years, QCI has established a distribution network to provide frontline sales and technical support, with representatives throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere. QCI resellers and VARs are rigorously trained and qualified through Qube University. In addition, Qube maintains its own in-house staff of APICS certified consultants.

Product Lines

  • Qube ERP

    A full ERP system designed by Qube Software for manufacturing companies.

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