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An on‑premises or cloud available ERP software platform.
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Since its inception, Qualiac is built with an original architecture and technology choices targeting technical independence and the latest standards.

One Unique Source Code, Native on all systems, Independent from the technical environment (databases, operating system …)

This now creates a important difference when usage, demand and technology are rapidly evolving.

Core Application Software

  • 1,500 man-years Development
  • ERP Finance (Finances, Purchasing, Billing, …)
  • ERP Production (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales, …)
  • 2,400 tables – 4,700 screens – 2,000 batches & reports

Upward Compatibility

  • Qualiac is a Strong Upward Compatibility Software
  • Unavailability during the upgrades is less than 4 hours
  • Configuration Settings are preserved

User Interface

  • A Reliable and Friendly User Interface
  • Web 2.0 Technology RIA (Rich Internet Application)
  • Mobile
  • Cloud or Traditional

Open and Independent

  • Up-to-date, Open, Technology Independent
  • Runs as native on multiple major OS
  • Agnostic and native databases
  • Middlewares: Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, Weblogic

Popular Functionality Modules

Qualiac Finance Qualiac® Finance is based on over thirty years of experience in accounting and financial software publishing. Qualiac draws on its extensive expertise to provide mid- to…

Qualiac Sales Qualiac® Sales is the best solution for a fast, scalable and comprehensive implementation to meet your multi-channeled business needs. It is fully integrated with all the…

Qualiac Travel & Expense Qualiac® Travel & Expense, fully integrated with Qualiac ERP, manages and controls expenses in real time. The control of expenses becomes simple and easy with Qualiac…

Qualiac Foundations Qualiac® Foundations is the technological basis of Qualiac® ERP, and centralizes all the technical functionalities: administration, supervision, automation and operation.…

Qualiac Maintenance Qualiac® Maintenance is the solution for monitoring facilities and keeping expected requirements. It is fully integrated with all the other modules of the Qualiac® ERP Suite,…

Complete Functionality Module List

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