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Tax Management Software Systems

A web-based software system designed by QS/1 Governmental Solutions for government & public administration companies.
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Tax Management Handle tax billing and property appraisals in-house with integrated systems for auditor, treasurer, delinquent tax collector and assessor. Each system accesses a comprehensive database supporting appraisals, assessments, taxation, collections and more. Frequent updates ensure your office is in compliance with current taxation requirements. Extensive reporting capabilities accurately track and report tax dollars throughout the system.

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Access data quickly and easily
  • Handle all types of tax calculations in-house
  • Provide public access to property appraisal, assessment, collections and tax billing information
  • Maintain tax database of previous years
  • Index deeds by buyer, seller and map number
  • Maintain information about homesteads
  • Offer online tax payments
  • Print receipts
  • Post payments to accounts
  • Update year-to-date account balances
  • Issue refunds and display taxpayer refund information
  • Track and manage new construction information including permits as well as renovations and additions
  • Organize levies into spreadsheet format
  • Update information in real-time across integrated systems for Auditor, Treasurer, Delinquent Tax Collector and Assessor


  • Calculate and print tax bills for vehicles
  • Display vehicle values quickly

Vehicle Taxes

  • Tailor appraisals to your methods and tables
  • Appraise by cost and provide comparable sales
  • Figure and display high mileage discount
  • Allow DMV payment posting and updating of DMV information

Calculations and Exemptions

  • Calculate local option sales tax discount and update bills accordingly
  • Calculate industrial abatement exemption
  • Calculate levies for taxing entities within a county
  • Handle manufacturer reimbursement exemptions
  • Calculate legal residence exemption and apply it to tax bills
  • Apply penalties and costs for multiple years

Delinquent Taxes

  • Build and track newspaper advertisements of property sales for non-payment of taxes
  • Print delinquent notices
  • Print tax sale reports

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

  • Ensure accurate balancing with extensive, cross-referencing reports
  • Track tax dollars throughout the system
  • Report distribution of taxes to local taxing entities
  • Submit electronic reports for Legal Residence Reimbursements and Homestead Reimbursements
  • Print reports on bond information

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