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Qqest IntelliClock Series Model IQ500

A payroll application designed by QQest Software Systems.
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Cut Down on costly Payroll Procedures & Save Money!

The innovative design and function of the IntelliClock series offers maximum flexibility and performance to meet your time and attendance needs. Yet, Qqest continues to be very easy to use, for both employees and administrators. The foundation of Qqest’s employee management system is time and attendance software. Employees simply swipe ID badges through a wall-mounted clock, or use the Direct Number Entry to enter their time. The information is processed by Qqest’s intuitive software. Never again spend time calculating vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals! Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filing, and storage — forever.

The Model IQ500 allows you to use simple time and attendance, accommodate multiple pay rates, or maximize your labor resources by creating a task database with multiple tasks assigned to a job.

The ergonomic design, backlit LCD display, Lunch and Break buttons, job tracking, department tracking, as well as tip tracking all help you in tracking extended time and attendance. It is available for TCP/IP, USB, modem, and direct computer links.

The IQ500 is a sophisticated, feature rich system, with the ability to perform job tracking and costing functions. The IQ500 has all the functions of the E:T:C Models 100, 100E and 200. In addition, the IQ500 offers extended time tracking features such as break, meal buttons, and multiple pay rates.

Look at the IQ600 for these benefits plus the security of biometric fingerprinting!

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