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Qqest E:T:C Series Model 100 for Time & Attendance

A time & billing application designed by QQest Software Systems.
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The QQest GoldSuite software, coupled with our user-friendly E:T:C Time Clocks, eliminates wasted time and effort and automates tedious tasks. From basic time and attendance with our Model 100 system, to a complete employee management system, our systems provide a one-stop solution that grows and evolves with your company’s needs.

The Qqest system is very easy to learn and use. Our pop-up menu system, on-line help and Quick Start Guide ensure that you get up and running quickly. One simple, powerful system eliminates so many of your payroll hassles, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

You can instantly view payroll information or print it out.

Reports include:

  • Traditional Time Cards
  • Accruals
  • Late In/Early Out
  • Absence Histories
  • Approaching Overtime
  • And many more

The foundation of Qqest’s workforce management solution is time & attendance. Employees simply swipe ID badges through a wall-mounted clock. The system tracks all accruals and exceptions such as tardiness, absenteeism, and abuse of meal periods.

The Model 100 is our basic Time & Attendance system.

Qqest workforce system features:

  • Simple, easy-to-understand software
  • Error checking system to evaluate time punches against shifts and pay policies
  • Automatic time punch entries for approved absences
  • Allows unlimited employees, pay policies, and shifts.
  • Use and define as many schedules as you need
  • Multiple overtime categories
  • Time rounding based on settings you create
  • User-defined, multiple holiday lists
  • User security system restricts access
  • Handles flex time and split shifts
  • Exports into many popular payroll programs

See our Models IQ500 and IQ600 for even more enhanced capabilities.

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