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InfiniSource (formerly QQest Software Systems)

A developer of business management software.

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If you’re still collecting payroll information manually or using a difficult tracking procedure, say goodbye to this tedious and tiresome task…and say hello to the Qqest GoldSuite system. Traditional timekeeping methods set stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect application of company policies.

Most people thinking of time and attendance systems have tunnel vision and concentrate on payroll solutions only. Few recognize the consistent application of policies and repetitious tasks associated with employee time management. Gain a better understanding of your costs, your labor, and perhaps most importantly, your bottom line! From simple job tracking situations to extremely complex requirements (multiple jobs, tasks, schedules, departments, accounts, unit analysis), Qqest provides an affordable way to maximize your labor resources. A task database can be created and multiple tasks assigned to a job quickly, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry.

No two companies operate their businesses identically. You need flexibility, not a “canned” response from over-the-counter software. Start increasing your profitability by having the information you need to make solid business decisions! Put together a real workforce solution using products from Qqest Software Systems.

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