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A developer of business management software.

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QlikTech is the company behind QlikView, the leading Business Discovery platform that delivers user-driven business intelligence (BI). Our mission, “Simplifying decisions for everyone, everywhere,” is about harnessing the real potential of data — big and small — and unleashing its power to change the world.

30,000 Customers in 100 Countries

QlikTech was founded in Sweden in 1993 with the aim of solving critical problems for organizations of all sizes, including the largest global enterprises. More than 30,000 customers in 100 countries depend on us to support their most important decisions. Our success has placed us in the top three of Forbes’ 2012 list of America’s 25 fastest-growing tech companies, alongside Apple and LinkedIn.

We’ve pioneered new ways of transforming data into meaningful information. QlikView makes data associative, creating easily-understandable visual relationships across multiple, complex data sources. It’s also mobile, social and collaborative.

Business Discovery for Everyone

But QlikView is about a lot more than that. It’s about helping doctors better diagnose and treat children. It’s about assisting police in catching criminals faster than ever. It’s about showing governments how they can serve the people better. It’s even about helping fishermen figure out when and where they can catch the most fish. In other words, QlikView is about you.

Changing The World

We believe QlikTech can change the world. Through our Change Their World Grant Program, we donate QlikView software and services to help humanitarian and community-focused non-profits make sense of complex information so their good work becomes even better. Our Change Their World Corporate Social Responsibility Program has raised money to aid survivors of natural disasters, underprivileged youth and the orphaned children of Africa. And our QlikView Academic Program supports the academic community by providing free QlikView licenses to university professors and researchers.

Educating our Future Leaders

QlikView makes the learning experience richer and more powerful by driving the analytical and critical-thinking skills that will prepare students for leadership in their chosen fields. The QlikView Academic Program supports the academic community by providing free QlikView Licenses to university professors and researchers.

QlikTech has a vibrant, exhilirating corporate culture based on our strong commitment to our core values: Challenge, Move Fast, Open and Straightforward, Take Responsibility, and Teamwork for Results. These core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Product Lines

  • QlikView

    A web-based software system designed by QlikTech.

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    • Qlik Sense

      A visual analytics platform.

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      Market Focus

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