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QAD Enterprise Applications

A full ERP system designed by QAD for large enterprises.
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QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete suite to support the needs of global manufacturers. QAD Enterprise Applications consists of functional suites, which address business processes. The suite includes:

Enterprise Financials: Addresses complex regulatory requirements, strict segregation of duties, and more controls as required by larger, more complex enterprises; includes sophisticated budget modeling capabilities, advanced reporting, multiple reporting layers that simplify complex Multi-GAAP reporting requirements and enhanced audit capabilities.

Standard Financials: Addresses typical needs of globally operated manufacturing companies. It allows manufacturers to gain important benefits by streamlining financial processes from planning, to recording, to reporting and complying.

Customer Management: Provides improved responsiveness through collaboration and management of customers and demand

Manufacturing: Enables companies to reduce costs and increase throughput using the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques, including the capability to support lean principles

Supply Chain: Helps companies improve management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration

Service and Support: Provides the capability for after-sale service and support. Manages warranty tracking, services calls, and returns and repairs

Enterprise Asset Management: Supports all plant maintenance activities, including preventive maintenance and predictive management, work orders and service requests to ensure equipment is reliable and ready to go at all times, and to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates regarding product safety and cleanliness standards.

Analytics: Helps companies analyze data to measure business performance in key areas.

Interoperability: Allows database portability and operating system flexibility, and works with QAD QXtend application-to-application (A2A) integration toolset that enables enterprise applications to interoperate with the complete QAD Enterprise Application suite without coding. QXtend serves as the “adapter” between QAD and other enterprise applications, automating critical tasks such as data synchronization, and eliminates the burden of maintaining custom interfaces and manual data entry.

System Performance: Performance Monitoring Framework provides the capability to pre-actively monitor system performance and take action to prevent or correct any issues that may affect optimum performance. Business Process Manager allows for simple configuration of business processes and associated workflows.

Industry Specialties: QAD Enterprise Application provides focused solutions for the following industries:

  1. Automotive
  2. Life Sciences
  3. Configured Products
  4. Discrete Products
  5. Consumer Products
  6. Food and Beverage

Functionality Modules

Enterprise Financials The QAD Enterprise Applications financials suite is available in two editions, Enterprise Financials and Standard Financials. Both editions provide comprehensive controls and…

Customer Management QAD’s comprehensive suite of customer management solutions supports all phases of the customer lifecycle—from acquiring customers, through managing orders, pricing and…

Manufacturing QAD Enterprise Applications Manufacturing suite is a complete and feature-rich suite addressing simultaneous, multi-mode manufacturing and provides full shop floor control of…

Supply Chain QAD Supply Chain supports supply networks with enhanced visibility, and the ability to drive margin and cost improvements, reduce lead times, increase inventory turns and…

Analytics QAD Analytics enables companies to become effective enterprises by monitoring performance against defined key metrics and key indicators. It provides reporting any way the…

Interoperability QAD Interoperability solutions are available at many layers throughout the solution. They enable enterprise and trading partner applications to interoperate seamlessly with…

Reviews of QAD Enterprise Applications


QAD Enterprise Edition having all finance options which were in eB2.1 were not available. In other words we can say its Complete ERP with .NET UI Interface and reporting tool is excellent.

The good: User Interface and user options even from you can upload the data in QAD EE, now its very simple.

The bad: Financial Module which was week in QAD eB2.1 but now all features are available.