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A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Why QAD?

For over 33 years, manufacturers around the world have come to rely on QAD for our passion for simplicity and our commitment to their business success.

From shop-floor automation tools to global enterprise solutions, QAD has become a trusted technology partner, helping reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity for manufacturing companies worldwide.

That’s because QAD Enterprise Applications are focused and specifically optimized for the six highly competitive manufacturing industries we serve: automotive, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, industrial products and life sciences.

Our Passion. Your Advantage.

Our industry focus is a key differentiator for QAD and a key benefit for our customers. It is what enables us to develop global solutions that meet our customers’ business requirements. Here’s what customers have told us they’re looking for:

  • Clarity, to view business processes at the global level and make strategic decisions with reliable information for local operations.
  • Agility, to anticipate and react instantly to changing market pressures and customer demands.
  • Unity, to form long-term, positive relationships with extended supply chain members that increase your competitive advantage and benefit your bottom line.

Global manufacturers count on QAD’s understanding of their industries to help them compete in the global market. Now, QAD is leading customers to the next level of manufacturing excellence, with new solutions to boost productivity and new business approaches to ensure long-term success.

An Effective Enterprise

Imagine a future, where your business processes are operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals. At QAD, we have imagined this, and are committed to helping you achieve this vision for the future that we call ‘The Effective Enterprise.’

Our everyday route to making this vision a reality— our mission—is to be our customers’ competitive advantage. We strive to do this in many ways:

  • By the very way we do business
  • By evolving the QAD application suite to fully support global enterprises now and in the future while uniquely maintaining local autonomy as needed
  • By improving customer-service levels through Continuous Customer Engagement
  • By accelerating the innovation of new products
  • By driving costs out of the manufacturing process and supply chain

Together with our customers and partners, QAD is making significant contributions to the worldwide manufacturing industry in our pursuit of the perfect lean market.

The Power of Simplicity

Powered by our passion for simplicity, QAD Enterprise Applications are designed to reduce the complexity within manufacturing operations, while making it easy to modify systems according to changing customer needs and business requirements.

Today, customers at more than 5,500 licensed sites worldwide rely on QAD to run global operations. With a solid customer base of global Fortune 1000 and mid-market manufacturers, QAD knows what it takes to meet the business and technology requirements of global manufacturing companies worldwide. By pairing the latest thinking with leading technology, we deliver bottom-line results for our customers. QAD solutions help streamline the enterprise; improve quality and customer service; speed product time-tomarket; and increase supply chain responsiveness across geographies, languages and currencies. All while maintaining a unique focus on manufacturing simplicity, which results in best-in-class time to benefit.

QAD Global Services

QAD Consulting, Support and Education are truly global in scope: QAD is one of a few with the capabilities and industry expertise required to implement our solutions around the globe and support them in multiple languages and currencies. And, our geographic management structure ensures that our global practices meet local requirements and that our services are delivered effectively within each region around the globe.

QAD Knowledge Management

QAD offers education and knowledge certification both electronically and via instructor-lead events, with courses tailored by business role. Applying lean principles internally, QAD has leveraged the latest Internet video and knowledge vaulting technology to effectively deliver comprehensive and cost effective training for our customers’ employees. This training and tailored business process documentation is then fully integrated into our systems, ensuring training continuity and knowledge retention.

QAD Partnerships

QAD’s global partnerships extend our technology footprint and global reach: QAD customers around the world can take full advantage of the best, most comprehensive enterprise applications and services offerings for their unique needs. We collaborate with business and technology partners throughout the world. This includes alliances with resellers, technology innovators, software developers and service providers.

QAD Technology

QAD focuses on our core competency, enabling manufacturers, and chooses to leverage the best technologies commercially available to provide a compelling user experience and low total cost of ownership for IT. Premier QAD technology partners include Progress Software, Microsoft and HP. Our technology philosophy is to support ‘open systems,’ giving our customers platform and operating system choices. The service-oriented architecture behind QAD applications gives enterprises the flexibility, dependability and interoperability required to compete in today’s fluid marketplace.

As technology evolves and changes, we’re keeping an eye on the future: our customers can be assured that we’ll continue to deliver the best,most stable and practical technologies for global manufacturing enterprises.

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