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Electronic Invoice Matching automates your invoicing process in ePayables. EIP is another key component to the back end of your procurement process; and passes the data to your Accounts Payable system. Invoice files can be automatically downloaded via an FTP connection to your Supplier’s web sites. 2 or 3-way matches can be performed, depending upon your Business Rules. A complete audit trail of invoice submissions is maintained for each Supplier.

  • Two or three-way matching
  • Completely automatic, only requiring action on your part when exceptions need attention
  • Email verifications are sent when tasks are executed
  • Exception reporting of data that does not match automatically performed
  • Invoice Matching Business Rules adjust to different order types
  • Allocations to Account Codes
  • Supports Summary Invoices
  • Supports partial matches
  • You are allowed to create custom categories for tracking invoice data
  • Will not allow duplicate invoices to be entered for the same Supplier
  • Same tolerances and Business Rules supported as in Invoice Matching

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