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By implementing PurchasingNet’s products you are able to realize significant operating cost savings through reduced processing costs and consolidated purchases with preferred suppliers. Typically customers will realize annual savings of 5-15% of their current annual purchase expenditures. This savings comes in the form of lower purchase prices and reduced overhead by streamlining the existing Procurement process. A typical customer experiences a 6-month payback when implementing PurchasingNet’s products.

PurchasingNet’s Proven Path Deployment Methodology™ allows PurchasingNet customers to get PurchasingNet-SQL implemented within a 1 to 3 month timeframe. This enables customers to achieve a rapid ROI. This methodology was developed by a Best Practice Analysis of PurchasingNet’s 1,400 customers.

PurchasingNet’s Back-Office procurement products include an integrated suite of software to streamline the Purchasing, Invoice Matching, Inventory Control, and Budgeting processes in mid to large-sized companies. This suite is tightly integrated with PurchasingNet’s Front-Office applications which extend to employee desktops and support browser-based Requisitions, Direct Orders, Approvals, and Receipt Transactions.

The Electronic Invoice Processing software allows companies to eliminate duplicate/overpayments while saving over $7 per invoice vs. manual Invoice Matching.

Product Lines

  • ePayables

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by PurchasingNet.

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    • eProcurement

      A web-based multi-module management system designed by PurchasingNet.

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