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USL Financials

A full ERP system designed by Public Sector Solutions.
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Public-Sector Solutions, through its financial ERP solution called USL Financials, the leading full encumbrance fund accounting system, offers all the enterprise financial management features needed today by government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. We are guided by our “virtual alliance“ with Microsoft strategy.

To that end we strive to maintain our seamless integration with Microsoft technology. Our core product is comprised of a suite of fund accounting financial and procurement enterprise management modules that are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft’s NT Terminal Server. USL Financials screens are ”concise“, ”well-laid out“, ”easy-to-navigate“, ”user-friendly“, ”intuitive“.

Our product’s usability and interface standardization allows the end user to shorten his/her learning curve drastically.

Our USL Financials applications are installed across the United States in major government entities. There are over 600 users of these products worldwide. Our recent successes are the United Ways that have embraced our product.

On the other extreme, just to exemplify the scalability of the system, USA Hockey uses USL Financials on a standalone PC to manage their funds and the daily financial activities. Since the similar client references that are provided in this proposal are long time users of USL Financials, we would urge you to call them for their opinion of USL Financials as a product and Public-Sector Solutions as a company.

USL Financials is one of very few financial management packages in the market that utilizes only the user-friendly Microsoft platform and its scalable and flexible technology. The strength of USL Financials lies in the fact that it is built with a totally open architecture.

The plumbing is all Microsoft, which greatly facilitates implementation, training, and on-going maintenance. A very typical installation/cut over can be accomplished within 1-3 months from its start. Furthermore, all the applications within USL Financials incorporate the latest in user interfaces to make them easy to understand and easy to use.

The system is specifically designed to allow its users greater flexibility in information retrieval while, at the same time, meeting their long-term reporting requirements. The fully integrated report generator combined with the many standard reports to provide all the necessary information to satisfy federal and state reporting requirements, as well support day-to-day decision-making. Our suite utilizes only:

  • Microsoft Access and Visual Basic on the front-end.
  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000 on client/server platform.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 / 2000 on the back-end.
  • Microsoft NT Terminal Server 2000 & Citrix for the web front-end.

USL Financials integration with MS Office makes it even a lot easier for the end-user to work with Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook interactively with USL Financials.

Because USL Financials modules come with the source code, all the accounting software database tables are accessible and modifiable.

Public-Sector Solutions differentiates itself by providing an ”out of the box“, total turnkey software and implementation solution that meets Insert Client’s immediate needs while also providing the flexibility to support tomorrow’s changes: changes in the organization’s environment as well as changes in technology.

A strategic partnership with Public-Sector Solutions is a “win-win” for all parties. Public-Sector Solutions offers the organization the breadth of applications, robust functionality, current technology, implementation resources to insure a successful implementation delivered with fewer consultants, fewer customizations, in less time, and at a lower cost than otherwise would be possible.

Popular Functionality Modules

Control System The Control System module allows true integration of any USL Financials modules at any time. Because of USL Financials’ inherent client/server design and its Microsoft…

General Ledger The General Ledger is the area of accounting where all sub-ledger records are brought to be classified and summarized. In addition to an account structure that can…

Project Accounting Project Accounting is implemented via a single new module with associated interfaces in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. It interfaces with Purchase…

Accounts Payable Features Include: Allows numeric or alphanumeric vendor numbers up to 12 characters in length. Optional automatic numbering for new vendors entered into the system. Fast,…

Check Reconciliation The USL Check Reconciliation module provides the means to carry out two accounting tasks that every business must perform accurately: Keeping checkbooks for money deposited…

Complete Functionality Module List

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